[cml_media_alt id='299']Sinnlichkeit[/cml_media_alt] The Essence of Sensuality

Ignite the fire of passion. Break through
inflexible patterns and discover your irre-
sistibility and playfulness. Enjoy a euphoric
surrender to the joys of the senses.

LICHTJUWEL’s “Sinnlichkeit” flair spray lets
ylang ylang, clary sage and black pepper
unfold their aphrodisiacal effect. Rose makes
your beauty and charisma shine, jasmine and
patchouli seduce you to melt with the erotic
power of the moment. Vanilla and sweet-
scented geranium create the ideal setting
with their harmonizing, joyful and relaxing

The deep red fervor of the garnet unleashes
your creativity and gives you the courage
to live a life of passion.

Available in 100 ml