LICHJUWEL transforms ancient herbal lore to meet the requirements and challenges of a modern
world: For Clarity. For Success. For Love.

LICHTJUWEL stands for the unique and highly effectiv combination of essential oils and refined
crystals, exquisitely crafted and produced according to the highest quality standarts. The effect is
not only a fragrant but a holistic one, impacting senses and soul alike. Every flair spray is one of a
kind, sartorially manufacured by hand with special care, to release its entire holistic potential. We
use 100% all natural certified organic ingredients.

LICHTJUWEL scents for your life: Purify. Simplify. Energize. Style the ambience around you with
the energy and flair you choose and create an athmosphere to serve your desires and emotional
needs. Our flair sprays let you modify your surroundings, anywhere and anytime. Due the high
concentration of valuable essences, spraying two or three times is enough to reach the full effect.